Pictures of Perfection

Someone was following her, she was sure of it. The person’s actions were mocking her own. A list of names came to her mind that was long and endless. She turned and seeing who it was, she started to run as fast as her frail body would take her. Her hair was pulled backwards and she fell. She looked up in fear to see her killer’s face. She froze. A hand was clamped on her mouth and a knife was brought out. He said to walk; she started to walk in the direction he was telling her. She felt his hand retract; the one that was on her shoulder, and then it suddenly came out in front of her with a towel. She tried to squirm away, but he only pressed it to her face more deeply, each time she screamed, the more deeply he pressed it in. She thought of her mother, father, and best friend Juliet. And then world turned black.

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Locked Outside

By Megan Miles I’m in His house, safe and warm. I realize how cold it is outside. I go and try to call others into the warmth. Frustrated I leave the warmth with no protection. I try to drag them in, finally I leave them. I return to the door. It is shut. It is […]

They Say Home Is Where the Heart Is

By Abi BlackImp They say home is where the heart is. They say a lot of things, and we’re not even sure who ‘they’ are. We’re not quite sure who we are, either. But they say home is where the heart is. I guess I don’t have a home anymore, then. Because I think I […]

The Skier


By Lorranda Olivia Poison floods our veins Slowly killing us like a snack bite But we are already too far-gone To see what it’s doing to us The poison pumps through us and we feel none of it Feeling is slowly cut off We become numb We slowly begin to fade. Slowly we let it […]

A Still Heart Awakes

By Lorranda Olivia The shock charges through me again My body jumps But my heart is still Again the shock goes through me But my heart sleeps still They ask, “Why will her heart not awake?” Because her heart has been asleep for too long… They fear that they cannot bid my heart to awake […]

Who Am I?

By Faith Eager, excited for the new year with my new book-bag and pencils notebooks and shoes But this time it’s different, you see this is not elementary school or 6th grade anymore more and more teasing around me crueler and crueler more and more pressure all over crushing me more expectations lurking in the […]

Key to Another World

By Dragonfly Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, there lived a lonely princess. Every day she’d get up, promising herself that “TODAY will be an exciting day! TODAY something fun will happen!” But by evening, she was just as sad as she’d been the day before. Then one day, something happened that would […]

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A Visit from Maximum Security Prisoners

By Autumn Firstly, the purpose of me sharing this is that some people may learn from the mistakes that were made by others. In my school we were told that there were prisoners coming to speak to us, 4 maximum security inmates, who have given their lives to Jesus. The whole school was freaked out. […]


By Autumn Perspective is a choice. We choose to look at life through “glasses”. These glasses are positive, negative or Christian. Recently, God has showed me that I always used to look at a new challenge or a task as this huge mountain that seemed to be growing as I looked at it. It would […]

New Hope

By Faith My life’s disappointments Crush me down And I drown In a sea of despair My hopes and dreams Have all vanished And confusion Takes its place Nothing goes The way I planned And I grow weary Of it all As time and time I stumble and fall My will to struggle up Weakens […]