A Journey Into Heaven

It was a cold and stormy night, and I had just crawled under the covers of my bed. I was thinking about what had happened that night.
My parents, as usual, had been fighting.
I hated it.
I reached for the only thing that could take my mind off it.
My Bible.
I flipped to Psalms 23. It was one of my favorite verses. It could always calm me and give me peace whenever my parents fought.
I would always ask God why my parents fought, and then I would cry and beg God to change them. So far I had been praying for……three… no… four years; ever since I had been a Christian. And so far, from what I could see, God hadn’t answered me yet.
I read my Bible for a few minutes more. Then I put it away and closed my eyes, and prayed, again. After about an hour I finally fell asleep.
A few hours later, I awoke with a start. I tried to fall asleep again but for some reason I couldn’t. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but I felt like I needed to stay awake.
All of a sudden, I had a feeling I wasn’t alone! Suddenly, I saw a faint glimmer, in the outline of a person, standing in the corner of my room! The glimmer slowly grew until it was a very bright being! The light almost hurt my eyes, almost.
Then I heard a voice. Softly, but surely it spoke to me, “Hello Alisa. You have no need to be afraid. I am an angel sent to you by God. He has told me to take you to heaven.”
I gasped, “You don’t mean I am going to die do you?”
“Oh no! I didn’t mean for you to think that.” He chuckled.
At least I think it was a he. Anyways, when he chuckled it totally took away any of the fear I had had; it sort of sounded like the tinkling of silver bells…but in a much more manly way.
“Will I be coming back, I mean, my parents won’t miss me will they?” I asked.
“No, they won’t even notice that you’re gone.” The angel answered, “God’s time is different from your time.” he smiled.
“Well, okay, but you’re sure it won’t be dangerous?” I questioned hesitantly.
“Absolutely not, do you think that God would put you in any sort of danger?” He asked, quite startled at my question.
I opened my mouth to reply but then thought better of it. I mean, who would want to argue with an angel?
“Are you ready?” He asked. “Yes, I think so.” I answered faintly.
“Well then, let’s get started. First you have to take my hand, and don’t let go until we get there.” He cautioned me.
I hesitated for a moment, did I trust him? Then I looked into his eyes, kind, gentle eyes, and I knew it would be okay.
I reached out and took a hold of his hand. Then there was a sudden flash of light, and we were flying!

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About Alesha

Alesha lives in Alberta, Canada

I love life!!! Even though there are lots of ups and downs, pain and joy, sorrow and happiness, fear and peace, life is too precious to waste! Live it with your all, and all you have to give!!! :P Cause God is so good and He deserves your ALL!!! :)

The reason I like photography so much is because as humans we tend to live life at a very fast pace, and a lot of the time we forget to slow down and stop and look at the beautiful things in life. When I take pictures, I try to bring those smaller, beautiful things that hardly get noticed as beautiful, but as just normal or plain, into veiw. God created each and everything for us to enjoy, and if we stop to look we can see the everday beauty. When I take pictures that's what I try to do, I try to help people see the beauty around them, and in doing that, hopefully I can help people see a small part of who God is.

I like drawing, but just like some people (also including me) and writing, I must be in the mood to draw. Sometimes, I will have a drawing splurt, and draw maybe 5 pictures in about 3 days, and then I have a time when I just can't feel it and I won't draw for weeks! It seems that unless I am in the mood, I can't draw! lol so, anyways, I hope you all enjoy the art lol And that in some way, even if small, it blesses you. lol :) God bless! :)


  1. Inna Kuzmich says:

    this is BEAUTIFUL , and I know what its like to have parents fight God Bless you 🙂

  2. Beautiful, Praise God. I was into your story, people have truly had these kind of experiences. Beautiful story.

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