A Still Heart Awakes

By Lorranda Olivia

The shock charges through me again
My body jumps
But my heart is still
Again the shock goes through me
But my heart sleeps still
They ask, “Why will her heart not awake?”
Because her heart has been asleep for too long…
They fear that they cannot bid my heart to awake
I lay in the cold, slowly slipping away…
The light slowly fading
I’ve been asleep for what it seems a thousand and one years
My heart is losing the desire to awaken
Try again He whisper
But Her heart is too cold
Try again…
Again a shock charges through my body
A beat….
Another beat
My heart beats returns
Blood rushes my body
Breath returns to my lungs
Life returns to me
My eyes open
And I see light again
I feel again….
My heart awakes!

You never give up on those whose heart can still be awakened…

– – – – – –

The point of this poem is too show us as Christians trying to reach the lost, to revive their hearts, because their hearts have been asleep for a long time and its our job with only the power of Christ, to try and revive them. In this poem the heart is still asleep and they are trying to awake it, they want to give up, But Jesus say’s, try again to keep trying until you hear even a faint beat of their hearts. And in the end her heart awakes and life is given to her We may want to give up sometime when it gets hard and it seems like we cant get through to them but we have to remember we only bring the message to get into their heads, the Holy spirit gets into their hearts But we must never give up, never stop trying Because if we don’t keep trying, who will?

The message my poems can be anywhere from the darkness in this world and how it affects us and how Christ saves us to being fearless in Christ and how with Him anything is possible. Even when our hearts have been poisoned or they have fallen asleep or when fear has a tight grip on us Christ sets us free and saves us. No other name can we be saved by but His!

About Lorranda Olivia

Hello! :) My Name is Lorranda Olivia, this here is some of my poems and such. I love writing! I have always loved to write ever since I was young. I believe writing is a gift from God, who after all the ultimata Author! I hope you enjoy my poems and that God speaks to you through them. May the glory and praise be to Him and Him alone! Thank you :)

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