About Mission FireFly

Mission FireFly is the Creative Niche for Christian Teens. Christian teens with the creative bent from all over the world are welcome to submit original poetry, stories, devotionals, art & photography to share with other teens. Original video & audio/music clips can also be submitted as well as youth group game & activity ideas.

Mission FireFly first began in the spring of 2005 as the web outreach ministry of a local church youth group in Baldwin, Maryland. It originally was called FireFly and housed on the youth group’s website. As the site rapidly grew with involvement from missionary teens around the world, a decision was made to create a dedicated site for the FireFly blog, and www.MissionFireFly.com was born.

Through the years, Mission FireFly has been a place where teens could share their creative passions and minister to each other. Our goal has been to help each teen shine their light brightly in the midst of a dark and needy world. The latest version of the site, though very simple, will hopefully permit content to be uploaded in a much faster manner than with earlier versions.

Over 6 years old, Mission FireFly continues to be operated by the same former youth director who created the site; Mission FireFly is owned and operated by Sozo Firm Inc, based in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania.

If you’re a creative writer, artist or photographer, this is the place to feature your creative works!

Thanks for visiting,
The MF Team