About Alesha

Alesha lives in Alberta, Canada

I love life!!! Even though there are lots of ups and downs, pain and joy, sorrow and happiness, fear and peace, life is too precious to waste! Live it with your all, and all you have to give!!! :P Cause God is so good and He deserves your ALL!!! :)

The reason I like photography so much is because as humans we tend to live life at a very fast pace, and a lot of the time we forget to slow down and stop and look at the beautiful things in life. When I take pictures, I try to bring those smaller, beautiful things that hardly get noticed as beautiful, but as just normal or plain, into veiw. God created each and everything for us to enjoy, and if we stop to look we can see the everday beauty. When I take pictures that's what I try to do, I try to help people see the beauty around them, and in doing that, hopefully I can help people see a small part of who God is.

I like drawing, but just like some people (also including me) and writing, I must be in the mood to draw. Sometimes, I will have a drawing splurt, and draw maybe 5 pictures in about 3 days, and then I have a time when I just can't feel it and I won't draw for weeks! It seems that unless I am in the mood, I can't draw! lol so, anyways, I hope you all enjoy the art lol And that in some way, even if small, it blesses you. lol :) God bless! :)

A Mother’s Heart Breaks

By Alesha A mother’s heart breaks, As she watches her son, Climb on the train, Her heart as heavy as a ton. Tears run down her cheeks, Because this might be the last time, That she will see him in life, Alive and in his prime. His uniform is army green, And he wears it […]

A Journey Into Heaven

It was a cold and stormy night, and I had just crawled under the covers of my bed. I was thinking about what had happened that night. My parents, as usual, had been fighting. I hated it. I reached for the only thing that could take my mind off it. My Bible. I flipped to […]

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A Treasure Unrevealed

By Alesha Water dripped from her hair and onto the clean tile floor of her mothers’ front entrance. She glanced out behind her into the downpour as the sky lit up with hundreds of bolts of light, as static electricity streaked across the night sky. She turned around and closed the door. “Mom!” she called […]

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