About Amy

Amy lives in Alberta, Canada

I am 15 years old soon to be 16 and God has given me so many amazing talents that as the Bible says, should be shared. I hope that my poems and photography can inspire people in their walks with Jesus! God Bless, Amy

Life After Gabriel

Chapter One “Gabriel!” she screamed as she ran down the grassy path after her friend. She was running out of air but she had to catch him before it was too late. She could hear her heart beating in time with the pounding of her sneakers. Her arm grazed a tree branch and she felt […]

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Lighting Up the Darkness

Sploosh. I look down at the puddle around my feet and three little words go through my mind.O.My.God. Followed by two words that come out of my mouth, “It broke,” my mother looks at me in confusion. “What broke?” she asks and then her eyes go wide. I nod my head. “My water mom….I think […]

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Fairy Tale

By Amy Life is like a fairy tale How it ends, no one knows We even have a narrator His name is God, our Creator We have different chapters All of them begin and end Sometimes we can put the book down With others we race ahead In this tale we choose our characters Not […]

Battle of the Spirit

By Amy The drums of war are sounding The warriors prepare to fight Our purpose is to defeat the enemy It’s time to fight Our hands begin to clap Our mouths begin to chant I can feel my chest grow heavy My breathing turns into gasps My knees begin to weaken I drop onto the […]


By Amy As I lay in the smokey trench I gaze across Flanders Fields I watch the poppies gently sway As the wind continues to blow I can taste warm blood in my mouth Dirt between my teeth The crosses stand, white and tall A glimpse of what once had been Helmets are stacked row […]


By Amy I am down on the floor Head on my knees Sobbing out my heart Crying out, “Please!” “Please take this life from me I place it in your hands I am tired of running Sinking feet in the sand” “Be my strong rock When I am too weak For I now understand That […]