Touching Heaven … Changing Earth?

By Anonymous You stand up, And they crown you a hero For the many you’ve shown ‘The Way.’ For the life you’ve lived of example Following Him from day to day But do they see the ones you missed The ones you just ‘didn’t see’ ‘I’m not the man for that job God, Choose somebody […]

Kiss of Lies

By Anonymous He promised me the world as he ran his finger across my lips He said that I’d be his the world over As he brought his lips to mine He promised me the sun as he smiled and made it rain He held me tight and made me feel That it was worth […]


By Anonymous Why do people leave when we need them the most? Why do people leave just when we get that small spark of hope? Hearts grow weary and eyes become teary. Dark around, dark inside, I never thought that it could be her time to die. So, why do people leave when we need […]

A Teaspoon of Love

By Anonymous he said it softly he said it sweetly played with my hair twist it into a knot he said it was forever he said it last eternally he kissed me lightly and gave me that smile but now I’m crying and now I’m pregnant and where is he who once showered me with […]


If tears could tell a story, They would know mine all too well, For many nights I’ve cried a-sleep Too many now to tell. They say you should be broken, For God to have His way. Well many nights I’ve told Him, “Lord, please, just go away!” “I don’t want your amazing testimony, For it’s […]

Tears Don’t Have A Sense of Right or Wrong

By Anonymous As the tears fall down my eyes like rain, I try not to think of the feelings I have mixed up, especially the pain. It is hard to be a teenager, can’t anybody understand? Each day it grows harder and I’m hanging by one hand. But I can’t give up because I know […]