About Aurcara

Aurcara lives in the United Kingdom.

The Truth Behind the Lie

By Aurcara The wind whipped through her long silky brown hair as the glint of the wakening streetlight hit the corner of her eye. She looked up at the sky as it turned from an angry red to shadow blue. Her foot etched away from the tiny pebbles that lined the plain brick wall. She […]

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This Is Your Name

By Aurcara Peace is your name, Glory is your name, Grace is your name, Love is your name, Forgiving is your name, Amazing is your name, Just is your name, Righteousness is your name, Holy is your name, Everything that’s good, And nothing that is bad, Is your name my Father, The name I say […]


By Aurcara A camera can capture a moment, But the eyes only can capture a life, A microphone can record for awhile, But the ears only can record for a life, A computer can explain a surface, But the hands only can explain many more in a life, A machine can make new flavours, But […]


By Aurcara I learn so much, Day by day, From the words, You left us behind, Wiser I grow, As time goes by, Thank you Lord, Thank you.

The Lord Is Amazing

By Aurcara Amazing is the Lord I love, Amazing is forgiveness, Amazing is Jesus Christ, Amazing as he saved me, Amazing is my Lord’s grace, Amazing is his love, Amazing is my spiritual Father, Amazing is God!

The Motorway

By Aurcara The motorway was poisoning, It was blinding and confusing, Many people head on down it, But smog did hide their way, Many signs are down it, And I believed them foolishly Then one in particular, Stood out from the rest, It told me there’s another way, “There’s no pollution, And has a great […]


By Aurcara Am I mad? Like they say, To follow a minority? Am I crazy? Like they say, To believe in you oh God? Am I stupid? Like they say, To be saved from Hell below? No I’m not mad, But I’m glad, This minority beats majority! No I’m not crazy, I’m just daisy, The […]