About Aussie

I love God and I love to write! Put the two together with my obsession for mysteries and you've got me!

Lord Dyrant’s Revenge

By Aussie “So that, my men, is the plan,” Lord Dyrant chuckled, an evil grin spreading across his face. With jet black hair, dark eyes, and a neatly kept beard, Lord Dyrant had always considered himself to be the perfect match for Princess Floricia–that is, until she downright refused him. Now, he was determined to make her […]

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I Took the Hammer

By Aussie I took the hammer, and held it firm; I took the first swing at the ugly nail And then the pounding, as I swung each time, Deeper and deeper, piercing the wood And then I saw him, Looking through my eyes; I hit my finger, cursed the god of the skies Why did […]

Eighteen Months

By Aussie “Eighteen months or less No more than five years at best,” His words were cold, It was his job. He couldn’t cry, He wasn’t mom. Just bearer of the news. And then doc left the room. I picked up a book Threw it ‘cross the room Broke the lamp and more My rage […]


By Aussie Cancer Just a word Yet the definition Of fear I run aimlessly Forgetting For a time I vent Frustrated To the God On high “Seventy years It’s what I get You’re shorting me Stealing life Taking smiles Putting out The wick Too early When I just Began” There’s no use I’m out Of […]

I Love You

By Aussie “I love you”–simple words can easily say; but, love should mean much more. It is just thrown from teasing lips and, then forgotten ever; but love should mean much more. Perhaps the word could be the truth: a love that shows itself; a love that always is; a love that does remain, in […]

I don’t care

By Aussie i don’t care the world cries to itself oh smother up and gorge upon the foods so rich and money save and pour upon your self the world can cry alone its teardrops hide it doesn’t care, it doesn’t hear the noise to be made louder and more things to be boughten while […]

A Moment in Time

By Aussie The clock was ticking It never seemed to stop My life was racing And then I heard the knock It wasn’t loud or fright’ning It wasn’t soft or whisp’ring The knock was plain and simple A normal, regular knock The clock still kept on ticking I knew it would never stop My life […]

Living in a Boxed World

By Aussie The walls are solid I feel so cramped There’s no room to breathe No way out Stretching my arms I try to help I shout for someone No one comes How did I ever Arrive in this world Why did God make me Trapped in a box I know that I’m in His […]

Don’t Come Alone

By Aussie The trumpet sounded, all were called To meet before the Lamb, And to Him went, both great and small Before Him, all to stand But going there, I was alone Without a single friend, I bowed down low before the throne Prayed God I’d not offend He looked at me, tears in his […]

Just Clay

By Aussie He took a stroll where the sun was casting long shadows in the sand Then knelt down low dug his trowel into the ground scooped dirt in search of clay With fingers worn a lump of clay he held so ugly and unformed Then back inside stooped over workbench long he worked for […]