A Visit from Maximum Security Prisoners

By Autumn Firstly, the purpose of me sharing this is that some people may learn from the mistakes that were made by others. In my school we were told that there were prisoners coming to speak to us, 4 maximum security inmates, who have given their lives to Jesus. The whole school was freaked out. […]


By Autumn Perspective is a choice. We choose to look at life through “glasses”. These glasses are positive, negative or Christian. Recently, God has showed me that I always used to look at a new challenge or a task as this huge mountain that seemed to be growing as I looked at it. It would […]


By Autumn He came and sang to me softly Serenades of silk were wrapped around me Seduced by sensual ardour. No thought, No breath, Just the moment. No yesterday, No tomorrow, Just the moment. One touch to erase all cognizance One kiss to silence all protests His words were spoken with the most pristine perfection. […]

Without a Reason

By Autumn I can feel she’s tense I hope everything’s alright. Yesterday she sang to me Soft, sweet and beautiful. I can hear them talking, Is it about me? She gets up, “Mommy, where are we going?” Something cold and hard touches me, NO, leave me alone! “Mommy, what’s happening…?” “I promise I won’t kick […]

You Were There

By Autumn I sat there sad tears rolling down my cheeks. Engulfed in darkness and I couldn’t even speak. Thinking of the wrongs to me that was done. Not a glimmer of light could be seen. It felt like a terrible dream. Slowly I muster up the courage to call Your name. Angry, frightened and […]


By Autumn Anxious I lie, awake, aware, aloof Millions of little ideas run through my mind And I’m drowned in confusion. What if? But how? WHY? Surely I’m not alone. Until daybreak- Clandestine conversations escape me And I’m trapped in a world left untouched by human interaction. Afraid Alone I’m cut off from sound and […]