Victim Mentality

By crieslockedwithin victim mentality what captured me i can’t just shake free from this that has hold it’s something that i’ve become addicted to learned to love like a cutter loves a blade little by little i don’t know it i slice away parts of me hidden and unseen this victim mentality it helped me […]

To Say Goodbye

By crieslockedwithin To say goodbye leave my childhood behind me put away all fantasy pick up responsiblity To say goodbye and hello world leave my care free days forget what is to make a life of my own freedom you say what true freedom I only find bondage money, worries and cares To say goodbye […]

Endless Struggle

By crieslockedwithin you stuggle to reach it unattainable goal never to have you grab closer ever closer you hope, you want it crumbles in your hand try to claw to grab you panic slipping, falling in fear words echo in your ears anger sorrow sweep you it happened again pain, frustration can’t be sure tears […]

Cries from the Depths Below

by crieslockedwithin hand reaches upwards touching air voice cries out from the depths below dark waters an’ waves beneath what is longing just to be heard to be seen what is an’ truly is there before it’s lost forever swallowed by the depths the dark waters below so long fought hard to survive too tired […]