Who Am I?

By Faith Eager, excited for the new year with my new book-bag and pencils notebooks and shoes But this time it’s different, you see this is not elementary school or 6th grade anymore more and more teasing around me crueler and crueler more and more pressure all over crushing me more expectations lurking in the […]

New Hope

By Faith My life’s disappointments Crush me down And I drown In a sea of despair My hopes and dreams Have all vanished And confusion Takes its place Nothing goes The way I planned And I grow weary Of it all As time and time I stumble and fall My will to struggle up Weakens […]

You Are Apologizing To God

By Faith So stop denying That you have done anything wrong Come forward and Swallow your pride.

Swallow Your Pride

By Faith Why can’t you Swallow your pride? Everyone makes mistakes That’s why Jesus came You did something wrong And hurt many people But we are willing to forgive you Like God has taught us So why can’t you just Swallow your pride? You think we hate you That we are your enemies We are […]

Holding On

By Faith When 15 year old Rainie Harrison loses her father to lung cancer, she doesn’t know what to do. Her mother dies a long time ago, and she is sent to live with her grandmother, who she has not seen since her mother’s funeral. Rainie blames herself for what happened to her father. Then, […]

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By Faith Disappointment, anger and all my friends leave Why is this happening? Weren’t we doing the right thing? Is this what Christians do? Shout and lie and plot- Fight for authority? Unanswered questions Unsure about our decision Try to hold to our trust But it is so hard Give us strength, Lord To pray […]

A New Beginning

By Faith New church, new beginning Joy, hope, celebration Worship and praise Sunday school, prayer meetings New people, new friendships A year ends, a new year begins Joy, hope, celebration Worship and praise More meetings- but not in happiness Lies, hurt, jealousy Broken friendships and betrayal

Nature’s Song

By Faith Fields of fire-red poppies dance in the spring breeze under pure white clouds scattered across an azure blue sky. The sun is pulsing a ball of bright liquid light radiating warmth. Rolling hills blanketed with soft green grass sigh and birds chirp with the crickets together a chorus in perfect harmony. Leaves whisper […]

Letting Go

By Faith You can still remember The first time you two met One look into his expressive eyes And you fall, tumbling in You love the way he reaches out Shyly for your hand You love the warmth of his embrace And the feel of his arms around you You think of him at night- […]

What Is God?

By Faith God is love Holding us close and tight God is forgiveness When we do something wrong God is Holy He will not tolerate any sin God is mercy Grace even when we don’t deserve God is jealous So we must worship Him alone God is creative He put this universe together God is […]