About Inna Kuzmich

Inna Kuzmich is from South Carolina.

The Loyalty of the Two Kings

By Inna  Kuzmich In an exquiste land far, far away called Santosiana, there lived a king with a large jaw, a queen with beauty, and prince with a lot of beaus. He was handsome 16 year old  and loved by all. His name was Prince David and he was the most kind, thoughtful, loyal, and […]

Pictures of Perfection

Someone was following her, she was sure of it. The person’s actions were mocking her own. A list of names came to her mind that was long and endless. She turned and seeing who it was, she started to run as fast as her frail body would take her. Her hair was pulled backwards and she fell. She looked up in fear to see her killer’s face. She froze. A hand was clamped on her mouth and a knife was brought out. He said to walk; she started to walk in the direction he was telling her. She felt his hand retract; the one that was on her shoulder, and then it suddenly came out in front of her with a towel. She tried to squirm away, but he only pressed it to her face more deeply, each time she screamed, the more deeply he pressed it in. She thought of her mother, father, and best friend Juliet. And then world turned black.

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