But Somehow

By Megan –To Corrie Ten Boom and the Jewesses of the Holocaust Beaten, bruised, battered. Treated worse than dead cattle. But somehow, she lost not the battle. Scarred beyond recognition. Hated by an evil volition. But somehow, she made them her petition. Weaker than weevils in winter. Calloused to work ‘til she’d splinter. But somehow loved Nazis that murdered […]

My Ode To Running Water

By Megan To the Tune of “Lord, Plant My Feet on Higher Ground” My throat, my throat! So dry and parched! No drink to coat its walls of starch! Oh, how I thirst for a clean, crisp draught of water nursed from a faucet shaft. To even see that silver run would strengthen me, though […]

To Prove a Circle Round

By Megan “G. Emma Tree, my feeble jerkle, His eed-ju-cated Eegness burpled, “I charge you now as Eeg of Irkle To prove the roundness of a circle.” Chained before the Desky Dim, Emma arched her brow at him, Clenched her pencil, and filled with vim— Enthroned, the Eeg most smugly grimmed. Dull theorems on the […]