About Vanimelda Phoenix

Vanimelda_phoenix lives in North Carolina.

To Overcome the Past

By Vanimelda Phoenix Prologue: In the Dark of the Night The wind whipped about her dark hair as she crept through the streets. She tenderly laid her her first child, her baby daughter, on the doorstep of a house where there was no child, one where she knew her baby would be loved. “Be safe, […]

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He’ll Be There

By Vanimelda_phoenix Through the wind and the rain Snowstorm and hurricane He’ll be there You can’t see Him, it’s true But He’s right beside you He’ll be there No matter what You’re going through He will be there For me and you He’s our guide From our pain Right by our side Through the wind […]

All For You

By Vanimelda_phoenix I will lift my voice To praise you more You saved me from A life I could have led in sin But still I fell Even though I recognized The darkness within How many times can I Come back looking for forgiveness And then go on back to what I’m doing Even though […]