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A Visit from Maximum Security Prisoners

By Autumn Firstly, the purpose of me sharing this is that some people may learn from the mistakes that were made by others. In my school we were told that there were prisoners coming to speak to us, 4 maximum security inmates, who have given their lives to Jesus. The whole school was freaked out. […]


By Autumn Perspective is a choice. We choose to look at life through “glasses”. These glasses are positive, negative or Christian. Recently, God has showed me that I always used to look at a new challenge or a task as this huge mountain that seemed to be growing as I looked at it. It would […]


By Jessica I live in a barren wasteland, where there’s evil all around me, any way I turn, and it’s coming closer, closer. The worst part is, I live amongst that evil, and I take part in it every day in the form of sin. Some of my favorite things stem from it. But I […]

Never Leave the Tree

By Monique Do you see that large beautiful tree? It stands so strong and firm in its soil. Juicy, Round, delicious fruit hangs onto every branch and dangles there next to the soft green leafs surrounding the trunk to clothe it. Every other tree would do anything to have as much life as this one. […]

How I Got Started

I had a revelation today; one that not too many teenage girls have because they are so wrapped up in drama and crisis! I had a “God moment” a few hours ago. I was called into the ministry about at the early months of being sixteen. God revealed this to me through his word. Acts […]

The Importance of Wisely Used Words

By Kory Communication with others can be difficult. When a person does not carefully choose their words, things can easily turn out ugly. The Bible contains many verses that instruct Christians on how to speak to others in a Christ like fashion. Paul taught that speech should be used to build others up, not tear […]

What Is God’s Will for Me?

By FireFlighter Does God have a will for me? Does He have a definite plan for my life? Is it all written out in stone and is it something I’d better follow or else … Funny how easy it is to say that, yes, God does have a plan for each of our lives and […]

Is It Religion or Reality?

By FireFlighter What is Christ to you? Is he a figurehead, a historical person you’d like to model, a type of somebody which man concocted to describe the person we’d all like to be? If Christianity is all about religion then, yes, it’s meaningless. Religion is all fluff, empty of soul and that which can […]

Could, But Won’t

By FireFlighter Christian liberty is something either neglected or flaunted. On one end of the church pew you have the legalists who perpetually hold up signs that read something like: “No smoking!” “No mixed swimming!” “No going to movie theaters!” At the other end of the pew are the libertarians who wear heavy metal tshirts, […]

Dreading Heaven?

By FireFlighter Angels strumming harps, white fluffy clouds swirling around, lots of lazy days . . . who really, in their right mind, wants to spend eternity in total boredom? Isn’t it funny how our expectations of heaven can sometimes make us lose interest in eternity? We might even be so bored we forget to […]