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They Say Home Is Where the Heart Is

By Abi BlackImp They say home is where the heart is. They say a lot of things, and we’re not even sure who ‘they’ are. We’re not quite sure who we are, either. But they say home is where the heart is. I guess I don’t have a home anymore, then. Because I think I […]

Key to Another World

By Dragonfly Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, there lived a lonely princess. Every day she’d get up, promising herself that “TODAY will be an exciting day! TODAY something fun will happen!” But by evening, she was just as sad as she’d been the day before. Then one day, something happened that would […]

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The Truth Behind the Lie

By Aurcara The wind whipped through her long silky brown hair as the glint of the wakening streetlight hit the corner of her eye. She looked up at the sky as it turned from an angry red to shadow blue. Her foot etched away from the tiny pebbles that lined the plain brick wall. She […]

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Adventures of a Darkened Moon

By Star Chapter 1: Flash Back “Mom, Dad, Justin, I’m home!” I said wearily walking through the door. It was another rough day in kindergarten for this hyperactive 4 year old. “Mom? Dad? Justin?” I said walking into the living room. I screamed as I surveyed the scene.  I dropped my schoolbooks and ran to […]

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A short continuing fiction story by multiple authors; the story’s unofficial name is “Tristin.” If you’d like to contribute the next section to Tristin, just make a note of that in your submission. She was cold. Very cold. She pulled the thin rain poncho tighter around her. It didn’t do much to hold the warmth […]

Holding On

By Faith When 15 year old Rainie Harrison loses her father to lung cancer, she doesn’t know what to do. Her mother dies a long time ago, and she is sent to live with her grandmother, who she has not seen since her mother’s funeral. Rainie blames herself for what happened to her father. Then, […]

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To Overcome the Past

By Vanimelda Phoenix Prologue: In the Dark of the Night The wind whipped about her dark hair as she crept through the streets. She tenderly laid her her first child, her baby daughter, on the doorstep of a house where there was no child, one where she knew her baby would be loved. “Be safe, […]

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CHAPTER 1 Ancient Stones I stepped off the bumbling old bus, barely snatching away my small satchel before it roared off, spitting back dirt and dust as it did. I was standing by an iron gate guarding an old, slightly overgrown path that led into the woods beyond. An old rusty padlock, swinging open, hung […]

To the Battlefield

By Lindsey This story is a follow up to the short story “To the Mountains” by Paul Horgan. During the times that followed Julio and Luis’s brave adventure into the mountains, they yearned to see their father again.  Even though Father Antonio helped them write a letter to their father explaining their journey to the […]

The Life of Hovis Washam

Hovis Washam is a man, but not just any man. Hovis is an old man and has been around for as long as anyone can remember, yet no one can remember just how long he’s been around. He’s the kind of man anyone would think of as a hermit—a bent white-haired figure with a sparse, […]

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