Key to Another World

Sara was the one who found the Door—it was cleverly hidden in the brush away from the trees. Jay had been in this part of the orchard many times, but he never recalled seeing an old door here. Behind it was a large entanglement of vines and shrubs, and behind all that sat the dark forest. The area gave one an eerie feeling which sent goosebumps crawling up your arm.

Sara grasped the handle and tried it to see if it would turn. It turned. Before opening the Door, she took Jay’s hand. Then, she opened it . . .

Once again, streaks of lightning snaked through the boiling sky. Torrents of rain poured from above. Rumbling thunder shook the ground beneath the intruders’ feet. Sara held tightly onto Jay’s hand; she was afraid she’d be swept away from him into eternal nowhere.

“We’ll never be able to find the key,” Jay hollered over the storm’s fury. “Can you remember where you were?”

Sara was crying. She’d had enough of the day’s problems to last her a lifetime. She didn’t know where she was when she’d lost the key—it was pitch black! There was no way she’d recognize anything, not even if it was broad daylight.

“Where are we, Jay?” she wailed. “Oh, if we could only get back!”

Jay was trying to stay calm, but it was almost impossible, especially with Sara sobbing uncontrollably. He blamed himself for bringing her back to this nightmare. Now he didn’t even know where the Door was. He gritted his teeth and pressed on. They had to find the key; he had to bring her back. He wished so hard that this was only a dram. But it was real.

The ground was so slippery, and it took careful steps, feeling around before placing your foot down. Otherwsie, they’d slip. The wind was sweeping huge drops of rain into their faces so they couldn’t see where they were going. Sure, he still had the flashlight, but what help was that when it was pouring?

Just then, Sara fell, pulling Jay along with her. They had fallen into a pool of water. It wasn’t too deep, but it was cold. He checked Sara; she was okay, but really scared. He struggled to stand up, but it was hard to get a grip. He put his hand down to help himself, and he felt something . . .

a mystery that self was made,
the same to always be,
until when came the only one
who had the only key

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