Locked Outside

By Megan Miles

I’m in His house, safe and warm.
I realize how cold it is outside.
I go and try to call others into the warmth.
Frustrated I leave the warmth with no protection.
I try to drag them in, finally I leave them.
I return to the door.
It is shut. It is locked.
I knock. Louder. Louder.
I call to be let in.
“Let me in! Hear me! Save me!”
Soon I panic.
Frantically I pound on the door and scream.
I try all the windows, cold setting in.
Suddenly the door bursts open.
I run into His arms, uncontrollably weeping.
He pulls me into the house and shuts the door.
I calm as He cradles me like a child.
I think of what could have happened if I was not rescued.
I begin to shake, remembering the cold.
Fear begins to overtake me again.
Yet He draws me closer.
His warmth alone soothes me.
Before one more tear can find its path down my cheek,
He whispers in my ear,
“You are safe.”

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