New Hope

By Faith

My life’s disappointments
Crush me down
And I drown
In a sea of despair

My hopes and dreams
Have all vanished
And confusion
Takes its place

Nothing goes
The way I planned
And I grow weary
Of it all

As time and time
I stumble and fall
My will to struggle up

I have strayed
From the right path
I have lost
My reason to live

Each day
I sing
My broken melody
To fool the tears away

Then in the quiet
I hear a voice
Whispering words so sweet
Gentle and so full of love

I know I don’t deserve

“Do not despair, I am with you
I always was
You just never realized
I was here all along”

A feeling of peace
Washes over me
Fresh tears
Well up again

But this time
It’s not in frustration
But from my joy
And my renewed hope.

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