The Truth Behind the Lie

By Aurcara The wind whipped through her long silky brown hair as the glint of the wakening streetlight hit the corner of her eye. She looked up at the sky as it turned from an angry red to shadow blue. Her foot etched away from the tiny pebbles that lined the plain brick wall. She […]

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You Are Apologizing To God

By Faith So stop denying That you have done anything wrong Come forward and Swallow your pride.

Adventures of a Darkened Moon

By Star Chapter 1: Flash Back “Mom, Dad, Justin, I’m home!” I said wearily walking through the door. It was another rough day in kindergarten for this hyperactive 4 year old. “Mom? Dad? Justin?” I said walking into the living room. I screamed as I surveyed the scene.  I dropped my schoolbooks and ran to […]

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By Jessica I live in a barren wasteland, where there’s evil all around me, any way I turn, and it’s coming closer, closer. The worst part is, I live amongst that evil, and I take part in it every day in the form of sin. Some of my favorite things stem from it. But I […]

Swallow Your Pride

By Faith Why can’t you Swallow your pride? Everyone makes mistakes That’s why Jesus came You did something wrong And hurt many people But we are willing to forgive you Like God has taught us So why can’t you just Swallow your pride? You think we hate you That we are your enemies We are […]


A short continuing fiction story by multiple authors; the story’s unofficial name is “Tristin.” If you’d like to contribute the next section to Tristin, just make a note of that in your submission. She was cold. Very cold. She pulled the thin rain poncho tighter around her. It didn’t do much to hold the warmth […]

Never Leave the Tree

By Monique Do you see that large beautiful tree? It stands so strong and firm in its soil. Juicy, Round, delicious fruit hangs onto every branch and dangles there next to the soft green leafs surrounding the trunk to clothe it. Every other tree would do anything to have as much life as this one. […]


By Faith Disappointment, anger and all my friends leave Why is this happening? Weren’t we doing the right thing? Is this what Christians do? Shout and lie and plot- Fight for authority? Unanswered questions Unsure about our decision Try to hold to our trust But it is so hard Give us strength, Lord To pray […]

Holding On

By Faith When 15 year old Rainie Harrison loses her father to lung cancer, she doesn’t know what to do. Her mother dies a long time ago, and she is sent to live with her grandmother, who she has not seen since her mother’s funeral. Rainie blames herself for what happened to her father. Then, […]

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How I Got Started

I had a revelation today; one that not too many teenage girls have because they are so wrapped up in drama and crisis! I had a “God moment” a few hours ago. I was called into the ministry about at the early months of being sixteen. God revealed this to me through his word. Acts […]