By Autumn

Perspective is a choice. We choose to look at life through “glasses”.
These glasses are positive, negative or Christian.

Recently, God has showed me that I always used to look at a new challenge or a task as this huge mountain that seemed to be growing as I looked at it. It would be there and I would feel so overwhelmed and depressed, and all hope would desert me.

I would feel as if I had to climb it barefoot, in a hailstorm carrying a huge backpack filled with lead.

Then God spoke to me about my perspective. So I changed mine.

I no longer see this huge mountain threatening to destroy my very being, but I see this beautiful challenge, and before me are my climbing shoes, waiting for me to put them on and climb this mountain.

What I take from my climb, is either a great workout, or bunions and a sore back. It all depends on my perspective.

By simply changing your perspective, you can change your life.
If you speak what you speak now and you do what you do now, you will be who and where you are now. If you want to change your life, start with your perspective.

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