Pictures of Perfection

Chapter Two

They drove in silence at first and then the question “Why are you driving me home? You could just have met me somewhere…”, had startled Mackie. He was used to girls being moony and flirtatious when he said he would drive them home, sometimes even extremely shy and were quiet throughout the whole drive home. Juliet was different though, he thought, she was confident and yet good at being invisible, she didn’t have to wear pretty clothes or makeup to show everyone that she was beautiful.

Juliet had noticed that Mackie was keeping quiet; he seemed to be deep in thought, but what about? Maybe it was Erica he was thinking about? She decided to ask the question again.

“Why did you offer to drive me…”she said before he cut in yelling , “Your beautiful!!!!”

There was a silence suddenly and Juliet turned toward the window so Mackie wouldn’t see her blush. Why would he say that? She was only Juliet Kemp, she was invisible and only had one friend. Was he thinking about her at the time? What did she do to make him think of her?

“Im sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He quietly said.

“You didn’t scare me, you just surprised me.”

“I…..guess I missed you since middle school.”

“Oh, I….uh, missed you too. Oh, look we’re home!!!”

They were indeed, Juliet looked at her house, it was yellow, three stories high with white shutters. It looked enchanting in the snow, like a castle in the snow.

“Thanks for the ride.”

“Oh, wait!!! We didn’t talk about Cat yet!!”

“Yeah, Mackie, your right.”

Juliet thought about inviting him in, but then her parents would think she had a boyfriend and would gush over him. Ehh, what the heck? It would show her parents that she at least had someone at school to hang out with.

“ Wanna come in?” she asked.


“Yeah? I just invited you.”

“Oh ok, wait let me park first and then I’ll get your door.”

They parked and Mackie got out and walked to her side and opened the door. Juliet was surprised, he usually slammed doors on people’s faces and now he was opening the door for an invisible. Wow, how the time has changed for Mackie Green since middle school.

He opened the door for her, Juliet knew her parents were home already. They promised her to be the loving, always-there kind of parents. She appreciated it but sometimes thought it was quite annoying and sometimes thought that she was the only teen like that. But other times she was really glad that they were like that, life wasn’t as hectic and she wasn’t rebelling, which made her parents happy.

“MOMMMMMMM!!!!!” Juliet yelled.

“You always yell?” Mackie asked.

“Not usually, but they could be anywhere in the house, your right, I should just text them.”

“Uh, okay? Hahaha, you’re a wonder Juliet”

“Thanks Mackie.”

Patricia Kemp entered the room, she was wearing a green dress with a white leather belt around her hips. To students she was considered a hot mom, but her red hair and green eyes told everyone that she wasn’t a woman to mess with. She seemed surprised that Mackie was there.

“Juliet, are you going to introduce to the young man?” Pat asked.

“Uh, Mom, you kinda know him already!” Juliet replied with a surprise. She didn’t think her mom had forgotten Mackie since middle school.

“I do? Hmmmm, nope!”

“Mom, its Mackie. Mackie Green.”

“Mackie? Really? Wow, your growing into a handsome young man.”

Mackie blushed and returned the compliment. His mind wasn’t on compliments or Patricia, his mind was on Juliet and how he had missed the years from middle school to high school and seeing her grow up to be so beautiful and so grown up and everything seemed to be perfect for her, but would it be perfect if they told everyone their secret? The thought of the secret took Mackie back into the past and his thoughts were soon memories of a middle school kid.

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  1. where’s the rest of the story?

  2. Inna just submitted the first chapter this morning. We’re looking forward to what happens next!

  3. thanks!

  4. I really like it so far! you’ve got me hooked, that’s why I asked for the rest. A few grammatical errors and stuff, but the story’s awesome =]

  5. Inna Kuzmich says:

    Oh I see my errors, when I write at home its usually on my laptop, but other places I go I carry around a notebook and Im not used to having both and sometimes I go from one to the other and totally forget everything, so sorry I will try to fix it 🙂

  6. it’s cool. I mention it only because I’m a Writing Tutor. The story is great =]

  7. Inna Kuzmich says:

    Is it going ok ? i got my laptop fixed (finally) and will be posting more up.

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