Pictures of Perfection

Chapter 3


Three shadows were cast upon the sidewalk. The light started illuminating their faces and then their bodies, their hands were entwined and their eyes were full of fear. You could sense the danger surrounding them.

“What just happened?” asked little Cat. She looked whiter than the other two children, and had to be almost dragged from the little house they have come out of.

They had witnessed something terrible, something they promised each other they wouldn’t tell the grownups, they would never tell a single soul. But each would dream of the blood and the limbs of a young man be torn from his body and then dumped into a bag and just thrown overboard into the little lake they were staying at.

“Mackie, I’m so scared…” whimpered Juliet. She put on a brave face for Mackie, but could not help but pull him closer to her for protection.

“It’s alright, we are almost there girls, let’s get you both home safely!!” replied Mackie. He had gotten extremely taller over the summer and older girls were noticing.

“But did you see him?” asked Cat.

“You mean the boy? He looked no younger than seventeen. How could that person have killed him??” replied Juliet after a long pause.

“I have seen him around the lake. He was the barkeeper’s only son; he helped his dad out a lot. He was going to go to medical school and learn how to save lives, but now……”, Mackie’s voice drifted out into the silence of the night.

There was a silence in the night and the children were all silent, each one in their own little world. They had witnessed something that most people would think heinous or even unhuman.

“Do we tell the grownups?” asked Juliet.

“We can’t!!We’ll get in trouble and we’ll never get to see each other again!!!” replied a confident Cat.

Again silence.

“Alright, girls, let’s make a promise to not tell anyone about what we saw or that we were even out here tonight!” finally Mackie said.

The girls nodded and they kept walking hand in hand. Their minds were filled on the blood on the ground and the limbs and body, the head mounted on a stick, as though someone was making a mockery of it. The man gathering the body parts into a black trash bag was dark colored, and the tattoo on his neck was a mermaid with the name. They would never forget that tattoo. It would be etched into their memory for quite a long time; their adolescent minds seemed to have made that a constant reminder in their life.

~End of Flashback~

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  1. where’s the rest of the story?

  2. Inna just submitted the first chapter this morning. We’re looking forward to what happens next!

  3. thanks!

  4. I really like it so far! you’ve got me hooked, that’s why I asked for the rest. A few grammatical errors and stuff, but the story’s awesome =]

  5. Inna Kuzmich says:

    Oh I see my errors, when I write at home its usually on my laptop, but other places I go I carry around a notebook and Im not used to having both and sometimes I go from one to the other and totally forget everything, so sorry I will try to fix it 🙂

  6. it’s cool. I mention it only because I’m a Writing Tutor. The story is great =]

  7. Inna Kuzmich says:

    Is it going ok ? i got my laptop fixed (finally) and will be posting more up.

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