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I took the hammer,
and held it firm;
I took the first swing
at the ugly nail

Continue reading I Took the Hammer by Aussie

. . . . .

I can feel she’s tense
I hope everything’s alright.

Yesterday she sang to me
Soft, sweet and beautiful.

Continue reading Without a Reason by Autumn

. . . . .

“G. Emma Tree, my feeble jerkle,
His eed-ju-cated Eegness burpled,
“I charge you now as Eeg of Irkle
To prove the roundness of a circle.”

Continue reading To Prove a Circle Round by Megan

. . . . .

The barns are drying up;
The rains refuse to come;
Though the situation looks glum,
God will fill my cup.

Continue reading There Will Be Joy in the Morning by Jonathan

. . . . .

Next to each other
In our cribs
Twenty-eight days apart

Our friendship began
Blossomed, then grew
From diapers to Barney
To Barbies and makeup.

Continue reading Our Friendship by Faith

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