By Lorranda Olivia

Poison floods our veins
Slowly killing us like a snack bite
But we are already too far-gone
To see what it’s doing to us
The poison pumps through us and we feel none of it
Feeling is slowly cut off
We become numb
We slowly begin to fade.
Slowly we let it kill us
And before we realize it
It’s too late to save our selves
We lay in the cool darkness, paralyzed
Wondering if anyone will notice?
Wondering if anyone will come to save us?
The poison is slowly having its way with us….
When will we wake up?
Or will we even wake up at all?
When will we realize that it has its grip on us and we are slowly dying?
Our hearts start to slow…the poison is closing in on our hearts now…
What can we do?
Lay here, wait for it to kill us…
What can we do?
The poison is getting closer now…
What can we do?
I can barely feel the beat of my heart
We can do nothing now
Are we too far-gone?
Can anything save us?
“I can.”
Hope whispers
“But will you let Me?”

Will you let Hope save you?

About Lorranda Olivia

Hello! :) My Name is Lorranda Olivia, this here is some of my poems and such. I love writing! I have always loved to write ever since I was young. I believe writing is a gift from God, who after all the ultimata Author! I hope you enjoy my poems and that God speaks to you through them. May the glory and praise be to Him and Him alone! Thank you :)

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