Swallow Your Pride

By Faith

Why can’t you
Swallow your pride?

Everyone makes mistakes
That’s why Jesus came

You did something wrong
And hurt many people

But we are willing to forgive you
Like God has taught us

So why can’t you just
Swallow your pride?

You think we hate you
That we are your enemies
We are all against you

You led others to believe
WE are the jealous ones
Jealous of you

But those are just lies
One out of all the ones
You have told

Why can’t you
Just swallow your pride?

We are not trying to embarrass you
Or make you look bad

We are simply trying to
Help you see

How wrong what you did was
Remember, you are not
Apologizing to the congregation
Or to us


  1. daughterofgod says:

    What more can I say about this peice than WOW. I love how you clearly write your feelings and your not afraid of letting it all out!!! This poem literally just blew my mind 😀 if you ever want to talk, email me at: hollybabyblue4@aol.com 🙂

  2. Yes yes, great job! Keep writing! May God bless!!!

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